Director's Message

Welcome to the Regional Alternative Education Centre.

Whether you are an adult returning to school or a high school aged student who prefers an alternative learning environment, it is my hope that you will find a safe and caring space for your learning journey. 

Our team works hard to provide options that will help you engage in learning in the classroom or from the comfort of your home, if that is your preference.  We will do our very best to support your learning in a way that works for you and helps you reach your goals.  We believe that deep learning occurs best within the context of good relationships, and our team looks forward to getting to know you.  We care deeply about your academic and personal growth and well-being.


I consider it a great honour and privilege to serve and learn alongside the amazing people who call RAEC home.  My hope is that RAEC will be a place that lives in your memory as one of the places that helped you become the best version of yourself.

Hope to see you soon!

Kelly Skelton
[email protected]
204-324-6543 ext. 1305